my signal turn from green to red.

This is a bit of a weird one for us, but we had all of these ingredients that needed using. You may remember me oven-roasting a bucket of tomatoes the other day. Today I liquified these in a food processor and made a vinaigrette with them. Also, I believe I mentioned the overly-enthusiastic almond purchase from the Maroc; with these I made a basil-almond pesto that took me right back to my first taste of real Italian pesto in Liguria, March 2000.

I have no idea what I did right with this pesto: I didn't use any cheese (diet), I just used like a cup of roasted almonds, a cup of basil, 1/3 of a cup olive oil, a big ol' garlic clove, and a lot of salt, and it's just awesomely fantastic. So, the end resulting dish pictured above is something like pesto shrimp in an oven-roasted tomato vinaigrette over arugula.

See? Totally not our normal territory. And if this was a sandwich it would be roughly 97 times better, but the shrimp themselves are a total keeper, and the vinaigrette's pretty good too.


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