I think I've picked up some kind of vegan spongiform problem. I'm seriously thinking about how to make "meatballs" out of ground flaxseed and kohlrabi. I got the idea here.

I've tried using flaxseed before, a couple of times actually, but, yeah, it never "did what it was supposed to," and I think I now know why. Umm...you're supposed to grind them first. Yeah, nobody told me. Or, someone did tell me and I just thought they were adding an extra step.

After doing the research I should've done initially, I've determined that most people seem to grind theirs dry, in a coffee grinder, but by doing this they're totally missing out on a superfun science experiment. Take a tablespoon of flaxseed and soak it in 3 tablespoons of boiling water for 10 minutes. Then process that mix in a food processor. What you end up with is an amazing, gross, gelatinous alien goo, like if brown okra was made of sticky brown rice flour and tasted like unshelled sunflower seeds. And yet, I ate it. Salt helped.

It's possible that those Swedes are on to something, though. I bet if you mixed this flax goo up with something relatively appetizing, sure, like potato, but I was thinking more like cauliflower or kohlrabi, and fried that up...it might be OK. Or at least it would probably be cool-looking. And, most importantly: it would be on my diet. Maybe I try tomorrow.

Oh, here's the funny thing. After I loaded up on flaxseed, I went out in the hallway and saw that the painters have taken the windows off our bathroom (to be painted). Foreshadowing? Or just good, solid home safety?


THE MORNING AFTER: I had an incredible sleep last night. So incredible that when I woke up I Googled flaxseed and sleep and ended up here. Seems to be some kind of, whatcha callit, correlation (I'm sure that's not what you call it).



Vicky said...

Well well, I am an insomniac too (for some reason i don't find this coincidence surprising) so have been reading about your flaxseed experiments with interest. Also checked out your link to Seth's blog post on it. Do you really think it's making a difference? And where are you buying it from? And if it tastes so disgusting, why aren't you doing the oil capsule thingy? Sorry for all the questions...

MEM said...

Heyyyyy vicky. No problem with the questions...

Do I really think it's making a difference? Hard to tell. I'm doing so many things "right" at the moment, it's hard to be sure about strict cause/effect relationships.

I will say that the past few nights I've taken flaxseed before bed, and no other sleep aid (i usually use a mix of melatonin and valerian), and have slept through the night, which almost never happens.

But, I've also been exercising, standing all day, not having much caffeine, not eating after 7pm or so, no alcohol, etc. So, yeah...hard to say.

I bought mine at De Avondmarkt, but any natuurwinkel will have them (as lijnzaad).

And I'm not doing the oil capsule b/c I'm in it for the fiber as well, plus the oil is missing some of the critical cancer-fighting stuff that the seeds have...