stealin' courses.

Hilarious picture, I think you can tell I'm working on music at the dinner table.

Stole another KK recipe today, the cucumber thingie. Except added two peeled and chopped kiwi instead of sugar, used cider vinegar instead of white, and added a dash of cloves, all 'cause my diet said to. As someone who is hot and cold on cucumbers, this one makes most of the right moves (note: except it doesn't keep well at all). It would be excellent on a sandwich of some sort (drained of course). Leftover pork roast? With mustard? Get down.


I also made the red cabbage thing again today, and it was even better than yesterday. I would probably make it again tomorrow, but I think I'm supposed to be varying my intake a bit more.

Plus it's not the lowest-fat thing on the planet. But the dressing is a knockout. If you make it by hand like I did yesterday, it's great, for sure. If you emulsify it in a little blender thingie like I did today, it whips right up into a thicker, very mayo-like consistency in about 10 seconds, which is quite different, but maybe (as I said) even better.

After I put the majority of it in the slaw, I cut up some, eh...batons? of granny smith and kohlrabi and used them to scrape every visible remnant of dressing out of the food processor bowl. I would totally serve that to someone. Probably not in the used food processor bowl though, etc. Also, I personally would only serve it to the female kind of people...no way am I man enough to whip this one out for the boys.

Oh yeah, of course I had to try some other things with it: an extra dose of onions, just to make me feel alive (successful); a couple of currants for a bit of sweetness (great); a couple of pistachios for color and nuttiness (mwah, not bad, but not the perfect nut). The thing I would really like to try it with is a heaping pile of lamb shoarma, a bottle of sriracha within reach, but I guess we know that's not happening.


Wanna hear about something that makes me a little sad lately? Maybe I'm just in a vulnerable mood, I should probably be having another emotion. In looking at the Facebook profiles of girls I went to high school with, you know under "Interests"? I saw someone today, a very sweet and cute and vivacious girl in high school, always ready to laugh, whose second Interest was "Organizing Things". Organizing Things.

Another girl, under the "Favorite Books" section, wrote "Never Really Got Into Any Books" (I think the capitalization is automatically done by Facebook). A third, in the Favorite Music section, only has one artist: Susan Boyle.

It goes on, girl after girl. As James Coburn said in Affliction (it's become a bit of a catchphrase around here), "it makes me sad."


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