my flaky summer diet xiv.

Above: cinnamon rolls on the stove in Shetland. MoopCam strikes again.


Let's go back to nice, easy obfuscation for a moment before we ask any more explicitly hard questions. The basics of MFSDxiv are: mostly raw fruit and vegetables. A little fish. Very few grains. Very little fat, other than walnuts, almonds, olive oil, and avocado. No dairy. No sugar if I can help it, so this means that not all fruit is OK. Watermelon is OK, so all is not lost. Four or five quite small meals a day, the biggest being lunch. Nothing at all goes into the duck after 10pm.

This sounds pretty sane, right? I'm going to do it for a month. It's not just about weight-loss, I'll hopefully elaborate on the other goals soon.

So today, as you would, I started thinking about breakfast. Fruit, right. I had a basil plant that needed using, and some dried figs. And some walnuts. It turns out that if you slice a dried fig in quarters, attach one quarter to a walnut half and stick a basil leaf on top, chomping on a few of these make for a totally acceptable breakfast.

Not long after this, lunch rolled around. I started thinking, hey...arugula. I'm supposed to be eating arugula. Could I make a pesto, or actually, what would I have to do make a lowfat arugula pesto? Without cheese. Maybe not.

Beets. I'm supposed to be eating beets. I just saw a beet-tahini recipe somewhere that sounded good. Cabbage is on the OK list as well. I'm envisioning a raw cabbage leaf wrapped around something dipped in beet tahini. But what. Tuna + diced apple + diced carrot + green olive + onion. Necessity is the mother of invention. Could be hideous. Haven't tried it yet.



Klary Koopmans said...

red cabbage salad with tahini dressing!
and.. good luck.

vicky said...

Hmmm... my philosophy is that dieting is self-cannibalism...

MEM said...

Hey if that's what it takes to look good on the beach...

Naw, this diet is mostly an attempt at detoxing my liver...

I'll elaborate once I solve my larger questions about blogging and disclosure.