no picnic. yes picnic!

Humongous heads of cauliflower on sale at Dirk for €0.59 this week (be careful, though, the first one I picked up looked OK but was horridly decomposed underneath...I almost threw up). Still, if the price I pay for this much beauteous cauliflower is €1.18 and a near-vomit experience, it's worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supposed to be going on an unplanned boat ride which leads to a picnic somewheres, and though there were other things I would've rather made for the occasion, I did have all this cauliflower. And who knows how soon it would suddenly go all Swamp Thing on me.

So I roasted it, and then covered it with a luxurious amount of pine nuts, capers, and raisins plus a few minced green olives (still trying to get rid of them). I wouldn't normally consider this picnic food, but then I thought about how the Moop and I will always finish a pan of roasted cauliflower that's been sitting around at room temperature, and thought I'd see how this works. It's way less oily than when we normally roast it, almost oil-less, in the interest of summer lightness. Here it is packed in its boat-shaped boat ride container, ready for action.

AND AFTER?: Smaller pieces of cauliflower necessary next time, or possibly better-seasoned pieces of caulifower...I may have undersalted. Still, good enough to try again.


Vicky said...

Hmm... thanks. I've been thinking about cauliflower (weirdly) for some time now. May just try this...

By the way, your blog cracks me up. Still.

MEM said...

Hey vicky...you should definitely try this, but I'm not sure that it's awesome picnic food. just make it for home.

and, hey, thanks....i like your blog too (emoticon).