this heat.

Is 91°F outside. And 86°F inside. That's the bad news. The good news is, Andy bought a huge watermelon for his birthday party and then kind of forgot about it. A big-ass chunk of it is now in my refrigerator.


Since it's midnight and still way too hot to sleep, here are a couple of other tidbits (BTW, my system's language is still set to UK English since I was needing the pound sign a lot, and the spellchecker just suggested "titbits" instead of "tidbits". Sigh...):

That Ethiopian spiced butter (nit'r qibe) I made a couple weeks back but never really cooked with is pretty darned good, in that, yes, it's butter, but the cardamom/cumin/nigella mix really suggests Ethiopian food while requiring very little effort on one's part. I had an egg fried in it earlier today, something I can heartily recommend. I'm thinking about sauteeing some fish in it on Sunday.

I'm really going to make watermelon rind pickles this time. I have a rind surplus at the mo.

Aside from yesterday's grilled miracle of overeating (mushrooms with a blue cheese filling, merguez; burgers; spicy chicken wings; some courgette-wrapped haddock + tomato kabobs from a Jamie Oliver recipe; tiny potatoes; eggplant with tahini, yogurt and za'atar, my mediocre cauliflower thing, watermelon, probably something else), I've been subsisting on buttermilk, tuna, eggs, cauliflower, and green olives. And watermelon.


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vicky said...

Ha ha, I seem to have the opposite problem. My computer constantly reverts to US spelling. I find myself shouting at it: 'I'm British for christ's sake, now give me my S back!'