waste not.

Look closely at the Waste Not Permitted list. There is one item that quickly reveals the source of this foto, yes it's dead sheep and that means that this is obviously a MoopCam pic.

I just spent two hours making some not so great food. Considering my motivation levels today, this was quite a lose-lose. Hard to say what went wrong really, other than the fact that I don't really love green beans cooked in any way other than long and slow. The whole reason that I even try other recipes for green beans these days is that A) they're a vegetable and B) Andy makes some really really good green beans. Should probably get that recipe.

What I did instead was the opposite of effortless. It's OK, but fuuuuuuck. It should really be better.



Klary Koopmans said...

roast them.

MEM said...

Does that work? It's too late in any case, they were blanched for 5 minutes which is the perfect amount of time to this taster. It's funny, the beans are tasting better the further back they recede in my memory.