de nieuwe meer.

(Note: It seems that not everyone knows that if you click on the pictures here, you get a much bigger version. I'm pretty careless/carefree about my server space.)


I had one of my best Amsterdam days in recent memory yesterday, no foolin'. I'm ready to buy a boat. It's semi-tragic that the pictures don't really do the day any justice, but it's a total mismatch, this technology vs. experience thing.

Trust me: it was a breezy, picturesque summer day even before we boarded our trusty vessel; motoring through the canals was as entertaining and relaxing and educational as it always is. Actually, even more educational than usual because we went through the locks, which I'll explain in a bit:

But then we hit the open water and there was wilderness and then a panorama of windy and variously-shaded blue happiness everywhere.

Ehhh, there's more. Parking the boat wherever you feel like it and setting up for a surprisingly comprehensive last-minute BBQ/picnic, with cool sandy shallows to wade in while you wait for the fire...this is a good way to spend Thursday. I would really have believed we were 100 miles from Amsterdam, an especially rejuvenating sensation when in fact you are still in Amsterdam.

The smell of a hamburger on a charcoal grill is still one of the best things ever invented. Even better if you get to bite a ketchupped and mustarded version when they're done. And if the light in Holland is spectacular in the mornings, it's pretty fkn good in the evenings as well, but you know...different.

Blah blah blah. I took 75 other pictures, but the same things are missing from all of them: conversation, non-conversation, being surrounded by relatively wild nature, the cool spray from a fast-moving boat, etc.

There also aren't any pictures of food, but not because things are missing from them...I just didn't take any, because yeah...technology, experience, mismatch, etc.

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