make up your mind.

Wednesday I went to the beach because I was trying to avoid some things happening in Amsterdam. One of them being bad weather, and for a while that part worked. I laid around with my toes in the sand, worked on writing this thing I'm supposed to be doing, then got up and walked past some tastefully restrained seaside shacks...

And then somehow ended up surrounded by children. Yes, children.

I was suddenly desperately hungry, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Faced with a few equally uninspiring dining options, I chose Vooges because Mara and I once had a nice meal at their Utrechtsestraat outpost in Amsterdam, where the emphasis seemed to be on simple fresh food and nice wines.

Here, the emphasis was really on, eh...children. But I think that most places on this side of the beach are kid-friendly, it's just a fact (those of you who don't know me might be thinking, "Man, sorta sounds like he don't like kids...lighten up, bro!!!"). I had a "Greek salad" that was much better than it looked. I mean, nothing you couldn't make at home in four minutes, but it could've been done much worse, the feta and olives were above-average, the dressing was a tomato-mint vinaigrette, etc. Pleasant.

Then I went back to Amsterdam, where it was sunny and muggy and generally hot as nuts, no bad weather at all, but then fuckity fuck, the non-weather thing I was trying to avoid showed up right in my face, so I turned tail and quickly headed to the coolest darkest spot I could think of, The Movies. Where, in order to kill a couple of hours until the coast was clear, I watched Polanski's Ghost Writer. Pretty good, it's nice to see someone do old-timey suspense/paranoia well.

When I exited two hours later, the bad weather had arrived in full effect. I, of course, was dressed for the beach...my walk home was cold and shivery.

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