brassica monkey.

Above: €0.75 worth of kohlrabi, my new favorite vegetable, ready for roasting.


Again, we have the uncomfortable juxtaposition of "written" entries with "brief notes", let's call them. I just think that's the way it's going to have to be.

Dus, briefly: I feel...better today. My body still knows that it's missing some things it normally has, but my middle section is much happier than it's been. Not perfect, but trending smaller, so that's preferable. I did some tweaking on my inputs, so I'll assume that's the cause.

Things I added: more water; lots of roasted kohlrabi; a probiotic pill for restoring intestinal flora; flaxseed; prunes; unfiltered apple juice.

Things I subtracted: valerian; red cabbage and tahini (:-<); olive oil before bedtime.

Don't know who's responsible for what, but...thanks.


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