Of my 2013 Pharmaceutical Bonanza, Ambien CR is going to be the only keeper I think: Oxazepam not doing enough good to make it worth the inevitable tolerance buildup and necessary benzo withdrawals. Also I decided not to take Venlazapine-Effexor after semi-extensive research about it has me thinking that it sounds like one of the meanest AD meds you could possibly "try": if you change your mind about taking it or miss a single dose, the withdrawals are immediate and (I quote) "hellish".

Yes I know about tapering, but I read pages of horror stories from people who were trying a very careful taper and still having constant electric shock feelings in their head (especially as they headed towards the lower, "safer" doses) along with insomnia, nausea, vertigo, diarrhea, etc. Plus your skin might come off. Sounds great but I kind of already have enough problems.

New current frontrunners: mirtazapine/Remeron; trazodon/Oleptro; and good ol' paroxetine/Paxil if I can't talk my doctor into one of the other two. I know they all have withdrawal issues, but none of it sounds nearly as deeply unpleasant as the Effexor stories. 

I'm kind of thinking of choosing an AD based on which one has the most potentially entertaining side effects: mirtazapine (also a feline tranquilizer!) offers "spontaneous orgasms"; trazadon could produce "zombie-like sensations" (om nom nom nom nom); paroxetine really only offers the nebulous "ejaculatory disturbance", not mentioning if this is coming so to speak from within or elsewhere. 


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