I've been experiencing a downturn in my insomnia satisfaction level lately, so I'm approaching a point of trying to do several significantly different things about it. But tonight, still using old technology, I took my sleepymeds at 9:30pm, felt sleepy by 11, went to bed at 11:45.

OK, but then I'm in bed with my favorite person to talk to, and we haven't really had an in-person, non-SMS or gmail conversation in a couple weeks. So we talk. And talk, and then by the end of it, I'm invigorated because hey we got to jabber at each other and yes it went as perfectly as it usually does, so why would I want to go to sleep if it means I stop talking to this person?

But then of course she eventually falls asleep and I take another 45 minutes or so to follow suit. Wouldn't be so bad if someone didn't need to be fed at 6am, but we see how it goes.

The sweet person in bed is still way in the winning column b/c the day before she made you not only a surprise easter basket that included peanut M & Ms and a monogrammed water pistol, but also banh xeo and nuoc cham for dinner. With leftovers for breakfast in four hours or so.


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