I post this for anyone else out there who, like me, was Googling for "15mg Remeron/mirtazapine" and "how to wake up" this morning. And the answer is: you just have to wait.

I took it at 11pm, asleep by 11:30, slept til 5:22am (awoken by cat), then again til 8am, then again til 10:30am. From 10:30am til 2pm I was incapacitatedly groggy, crabby, and generally useless. Coffee had zero effect. As of now, almost 3pm, I have finally made it off the couch but can't exactly say I feel like doing anything except going back to sleep. Supposedly this overwhelming drowsiness dissipates after a couple of days, so yeah let's see. Tonight I take it at 9pm in an effort to be out of bed before noon tomorrow.

My tastebuds continue to be the only part of me that's awake, but it seems pretty manageable, no worse than weed munchies except I guess for the fact that you're not actually stoned.

These new tastebuds of mine invented a dessert that's designed to be composed by the tablespoon, so you're not tempted to eat a whole bowl of it.


lemon yogurt with pistachio halva and preserved ginger. 


They (the tastebuds) also desperately wanted to invent some kind of surimi ball yesterday, continuing this white trash scallop idea from a few weeks ago.

Lastly, I apparently require something extremely sweet yet bite-sized. Maybe someone could mail me a couple of Aunt Marie's Bourbon Balls.

And that's about all the brain activity we can muster ATM. Zzzzzz.


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