Well I guess I would've felt pretty stupid if all this time it had been just that easy to get a good night's sleep. Last night's maiden voyage with Ambien CR kicked in like a hammer to the forehead, I took it at 11:15 or something and 15 minutes later I fell asleep in the middle of writing an email. And yet five hours later here we are again.

Still, it was pretty glorious sleep, I have no idea what went on during it but I don't think I sleepdrove or sleepfucked anything or anyone, and I woke up feeling relatively relaxed and dare I say chipper instead of being clenched like an ugly fist, but neither of these really lasted. Somewhere to start I guess.

I should note that my first dose of Venlafaxine made me intolerant of just about everything that was happening around me, especially the TV but also all of the apartment's occupants. Visual and audio stimulation was bad. Luckily The Ambien Hammer showed up shortly thereafter.


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