liquid gold.

OK, yes, my cravings are still fine, but I saw this recipe for an esteemed midwestern US specialty on FB (posted by the daughter of one of the original purveyors) and wanted to preserve it here for eventual junktime experimentation. I've halved her recipe and attempted to convert it to VDuck/metric. Another version has you just use French dressing as the "batter".  There's also such a thing as a tuna frenchee. FYI. 


cheese frenchee.

1 cup Kraft powdered cheese
300g powdered milk
5 eggs
1/2 tbsp salt
1.9 liters water

Wonder bread
cracker meal
Kraft american cheese

Warm enough of the water (approximately half) to dissolve the cheese. Add milk, eggs, salt and the rest of the water and mix well. This part can be done a day ahead of dipping and breading if necessary. 

Take a loaf of white bread cut ½ inch thick. Bread should be at least 24 hours old. Spread both insides of the bread lightly with mayo. Put one slice of Kraft American Ribbon Cheese in each sandwich and place in bun box and store in cooler for at least 12 hours or until the next day.

Take frenchees from cooler and slice each sandwich from corner to corner so as to make four sandwiches. Dip sandwich thoroughly in batter and coat using No. 5 Sunshine Cracker Meal as breading. Store in plastic bun box or plastic container under refrigeration. Deep Fry. Eat. Keel over.


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