delta, dawn.

I know this is getting boring, but I kind of have to do it for myself, and I'm sharing it so that fellow med Googlers like myself may reap whatever possible benefit is potentially being sown.

Night Four: 15mg Remeron taken at 9:30pm, didn't fall asleep til 11:15 or so, woke up at 5am, pretty wide awake. So basically I'm taking longer to get to sleep every night and waking up earlier, plus still feeling like a pile of absolute immobilized zombie crap for most of the day, not the most promising trend. Just took 0.5mg Lorazepam to go back to sleep, last day for that. Still CRONing, staying under 1500 calories a day, hunger craziness not as bad yesterday. Will have a weigh-in on Saturday. Just trying to remember the words of my good doctor: this will be an investment, the first two weeks or so you may feel only the side effects without the benefits. Okie dokie.


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