we interrupt this program.

I'd been avoiding the Burnt Sugar stuff at De Avondmarkt for months now because...I guess I'm just generally suspicious of British sweets.

It's like the whole fanny/pants problem, where we use the same words for very different things: pudding, sponge, jelly, etc. I just feel like I could easily be cruelly misled into eating an article of clothing or a piece of hardware.

When we were in London, though, I came across a Burnt Sugar stand at Borough Market and it all looked like utterly normal candy, so yesterday during a weak moment I finally dipped my figurative toe into their product line with these "chewy caramels".

And it turns out that they are, as advertised, perfectly chewy caramels dipped in dark chocolate. Just my style, dark and stretchy with a hint of toffee and molasses (treacle if you must call it that). I do like caramel.

OK, we now rejoin our diet already in progress (again).


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