french connection.

Um, bigtime diet was supposed to start today; however, that date has slipped, in the interest of accommodating our French Connection's morning delivery of legendary baked goods straight from Paris. You should see what we gave her in return...not exactly a fair trade.

I could be way off, but as far as visual inspection can determine, I think below, from top, we have: jasmine; strawberry/wasabi; pistachio/Oblachinska cherry; olive oil/vanilla; rose; chocolate; infinitely caramel.

TASTING NOTES: Yum. It *is* important to let the macarons come to room temperature before tasting. How do we know this? We couldn't wait and took a couple nibbles before they warmed up. My favorite was infinitely caramel, probably no surprise since I seem to have a thing for brown sugar, I had to say that you understand, but it's true I do like things that have been caramelized. I could have eaten 7 of these. Mara's favorite was pistachio + cherry. Because she's a nut! AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!


Klary Koopmans said...

Ha. It´s my firm belief that if there´s anything worth skipping a diet day for, it´s a macaron. The caramel au beurre salé is one of my favorites too, and the olive oil/vanilla... Enjoy!

MEM said...

We did enjoy! Thanks mama....