we go now.

But our feelings about it aren't quite as uncomplicated as those of the bottle opener. Well, almost. We had fun, but we're ready to be home.

One reason we've got to get home is for Mara's Head Enhancement surgery. We're going to try and bump her up a size or two. You know, something flattering without being excessive, something that fits the rest of her body, not like that Heidi Montag freakshow.

Finally went to The Queens pub, which we'd avoided b/c we'd heard crappy things about the barstaff, but it was a totally fine way to spend an hour not being rained on.

I have to say, if you're only going to order a half pint of beer, a sturdy little miniature mug makes you feel slightly more manly about it.

Mara ordered a suprisingly good pea, mint, parmesan, and arugula risotto that was essentially a delicious sleeping pill.

Then we laid down and looked at the ceiling.

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