more men, mice, 'merica.

Part Two of yesterday continued at The Lexington, which, unbeknownst to us, was another American-style bar! With Sierra Nevada on tap and BBQ ribs on the menu. WTF. We really didn't plan it this way.

We ended up here embarrassingly early as a result of scrapping the day's schedule and not really knowing the area at all. Rather than mess with the fragile sense of accomplishment engendered by the All Star Lanes save, we thought we'd just pop in here for a beer and regroup.

Three hours and two Scrabble games later, the Rough Trade Quiz began, and suddenly we really had something to be embarrassed about. Yes we used to have a record shop and at a certain point we knew quite a bit about "new music". But this was hard.

I'm not saying there weren't some answerable questions (What band is comprised of Mike, Michael, Peter, and Bill? What was the first band Annie Lennox was in with Dave Stewart (not the Eurythmics, BTW)? What 2005 album did Dennis Hopper provide vocals for? What is Meat Loaf's real name?). But even in our geekiest years I'm pretty sure we would not have been able to answer questions like these:

1) What is the current #1 song in the UK?
2) How many times has the UK finished last in the Eurovision Song Contest?
3) Where is the Primavera festival held?
4) Whose new video premièred on the Bury City Council's website last week?

After we realized how hard the quiz was going to be, our answers became not entirely serious, which would prove embarrassing at the end of the quiz when you swapped answer sheets with the table next to you for grading purposes. Oops! The whole Brian Eno/Fatboy Slim thing's not so funny anymore, is it? Below are the Badly Drawing Boy and the Picture rounds. Not pictured: the Stephen Hawking lyrics round and all 10 (ten) questions of the Eurovision Song Contest round. Oh, and what rock/pop artist is Anal Cigar Suit Hire an anagram of (answer here)?



steph said...

Sierra Nevada on tap. I'm crying. I can taste the hops.

MEM said...

Tell me about it. The crazy thing is, Sierra Nevada's so prevalent here (at least among the bars we seem to gravitate towards...4 different bars have had it so far) that it's not even our automatic first choice anymore.