pick up the pieces.

Oi. Another busy day here in London Town. We started out at the Saatchi Gallery, where the best things we saw were the things that surprised us most. But we're suckers for the unexpected. Above: looks like someone lost their balloon bouquet. Below: upon closer inspection, it's a small child...

This next piece was probably our favorite of the day. Mara actually gasped when I pointed it out to her, and I think as a visual artist that's a good place to aim for, an involuntary visceral reaction. It's nowhere near as unsettling in these photos, but in person it caused a good 30 seconds of real unease. First view:

Closer up:

They're made of foam.


Coming up (brace yourself):


Klary Koopmans said...

wow. That's the famous Harwood Arms Scotch egg, right? Why didn't I eat that when I was there?

MEM said...

That is indeed the venison Scotch egg. You probably didn't eat it b/c it wasn't on the restaurant menu...it's on the bar snacks menu, Mara ordered it anyway, b/c she's crafty.