like sardines.

Due to problems with uploading images in Blogger, I'm quite far behind in the ol' photodocumentation business. I'll just make some notes here that I can fill in with images and, you know, real text when I get a chance.

Last night we went to see Phosphorescent at the London ICA, which I can't say anything about yet b/c I want their Amsterdam performance to be a surprise for some. This photo above isn't them, it's Forest Fire, the opener.

Before ICA, we shared a burger at the Golden Lion in St. James. This is quite obviously a terrible photo, somehow my flash got turned back on, plus Blogger has added some crazy color distortion, but this is the only photo that displays both of the notable things about this burger: the cornichon garnish on top (speared with a toothpick), and that thing that looks like a misplaced home fry between the top bun and the bacon portion of the burger. It's not a potato at all, it's about 100 grams of Stilton.


IN OTHER NEWS: We're talking about conducting a Navy SEAL-like mission to East Ham to check out the Real Deal WRT South Indian street food, read about it here.


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