love balm.

From top: Fish Stand #1; All the Things I Didn't Order; Herring #1, in the shade; Herring #2, in the sun. They may look generally pretty identical, but Herring #1 was 25 cents cheaper than Herring #2 and quite a bit better, or at least more to my taste: cooler temperature and thus more refreshing, more recently-cut onions, slightly newer pickles, and....yeah, just better. It's interesting to me that at the beach they ask you if you want it cut into pieces or not: in Amsterdam no one ever asks me that, it seems that pieces is the default setting.

I saw a headline on MSNBC today. What it really said was, "Unmanned drone set to patrol Texas border." What I thought it said was: "Unnamed drone set to patrol Texas border," probably a much sadder story.


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