Guess I really was homesick, I was even really happy to see Amsterdam summer weather: 65, windy, and overcast. Pretty beautiful though.

I immediately got a dose of reality at the Dirk, however: they didn't have spinach or celery. I'd love to imagine that it's because their local, organic, family-owned supplier simply ran out of stock because business is going so well...but I have a feeling Dirk just didn't get around to putting all of their usual Kenyan and Greek produce on the shelves today (it was only noon).

I still managed to buy a few things: tuna was on sale at a dramatic price (69 cents!), maybe we'll do Jamie's Sicilian tuna polpetti tonight? If so, booper, please take that red sauce out of the freezer when you wake up! I wonder if that one remaining egg is still good. We seriously need vegetables as well. Maybe some kind of yogurty dressing over some greens? I bought scallions and dill too. Don't forget I have a can of toffee pudding for our final dessert of the month.

Sorry, this post turned into a Note To Moop.


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