and, breathe.

So, we're taking just about every other day "off", and today's version of that meant that we slept late, had coffee, and then read books in bed ALL DAY LONG (Mara finished this, and I read this) while it rained. It was great.

We're trying to cleanse ourselves and clean out the refrigerator, so our food consumption has been limited to tuna sandwiches and raw carrots...

Mara played RAVIOLIS during our Scrabble game yesterday, and yes it's a word.

Compared to most television, the BBC is just awesome. Continuing my current inexplicable fascination with war stories, we watched a documentary based on this tonight, great stuff. I'm still not really understanding how my "caring about history" switch got flipped, I guess it was the Morse Family Tree experience. It's still only the 20th century that's pulling me in at the moment, which thankfully keeps things manageable.


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