down in the south.

It's been under consideration for some time now, but I think I'm finally ready to begin trying to learn something about Ethiopian/Eritrean cooking. The spur in my haunch is probably Andy's approaching birthday, which will sport a marked Ethiopian focus due to visiting Ethiopians doing the cooking and providing the live tuneage. Also our friend Big Ron is going to Addis for a month this summer, etc. Like that.

So here are some resources:
  • Saveur article (cut/pasteable recipes here, though I have no idea why anyone would want to do that)
  • This looks an awful lot like the Chris Schlesinger recipe I've been thinking about doing, plus the sambussa looked interesting.
  • I get a creepy vibe from this website, but there are step-by-step videos and shit. In case I've forgotten how to stir or something.
First steps: berberé drumsticks and nit'r qibe runner beans.


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