Bangkok? Saigon? That's what it feels like to our pussed-out, heat-intolerant constitutions these days. It's been 80 degrees or so for the last couple of days, which is (as I've bemoaned many a time in these pages) uncomfortably warm if you're trying to get stuff done.

I've been compensating for the debilitating temperatures by going to the beach in the mornings. Not much to share with you yet, still just going to the same old beach, eating the same old herring, watching the same old leathery, boom box-toting German tourists strut their stuff on the sand, being fascinated by the same old hefty topless grandmothers, etc. But soon I hope to branch out in my beach explorations and head further north. Especially if it keeps getting warmer.


tasteofbeirut said...

did you say 80 degrees being so uncomfortably warm?
for me that is when it gets bearable!

MEM said...

Yeah, my personal temperature runs a bit high...I'm really happiest when it's around 55 or 60F outside...too much traumatic hotness growing up in Atlanta I guess...