little things.

Würgeengel (The Exterminating Angel) was one of my favorite Berlin experiences this time around: an excellent cocktail bar with serious bartenders and an extremely "old Berlin" vibe, as if I know what that might mean. And they let us stay there til 4am on a Tuesday.

I think we're going to try and recreate their basil gimlet on Sunday, and of course thinking about that made me think about what kind of food we might want to be putting in our mouths....


I feel like something light and Asian-ish, but I'm kind of bored with most of the Thoroughly Repeatable things in our repertoire, so I started poking around in Viet World Kitchen and came up with some interesting little things:

I thought this Avocado and Mint Chutney sounded possibly nice, basically kind of an Asian/Indian guac.

These sweet potato fries with kimchi sour cream sound good for something, maybe not Sunday though.

Then I saw this tuna hummous in my sidebar, which started me thinking about something else but I can't remember what.

It wasn't the unfortunately-named Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad.

I'm also thinking about doing the magnolia leaf-miso thing again.


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