We finally ate somewhere excellent: Bandol sur mer. Just great, service too. Of course Hilly wasn't there, so I have to go back Wednesday with her. Above: the illegible German menu. Below, the very legible English menu. Below that: amuse of nut-crusted goat cheese with apricot couscous maybe? And a tomato-celery soup. It's a fact that tomato soup is one of the few things I don't like, but this was pretty good.

Below that, two shots of the obscenity I ordered, soooo good: "poached egg with veal's head carpaccio, veal tongue salad, radish, and cress". Below that, my scallops with "primal tomato", crazy-tasting cashews (my description), cilantro, eggplant, and smoke. Floriaan's monkfish was good, but his orange potatoes were amazing, I have no idea how they were achieved.

UPDATE: We did go back on Wednesday, and of course it wasn't as good. It was OK, but quite obviously there was a different cook in the kitchen.

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