deep breath.

Wow, like three days at home. With no real responsibilities. Just Scrabble, moviewatching (Mike Leigh's Another Year and Errol Morris's The Thin Blue Line so far), cooking, viruscleaning, and coughing. Yeah, I caught HBF's cough in Berlin I think and now I sound like a robot version of myself when I talk. My writing sounds about the same though I think.

So I''m drinking an assload of ginger tea (ginger, lemon, honey) and just laying low. We're cooking for Amsterdam's Newest Americans tonight so I imagine there'll be a recipe here eventually even though most of the components are well documented: mung bean gyoza with scallion oil and sriracha soy sauce; fresh basil rolls with shrimp, mango, hoisin, peanuts; noodles in peanut sauce.


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