garden of sweden.

Back at base camp in Sikeå for a few hours of dinner and packing before starting the multi-vehicle/multi-night trip home. Home for less than 24 hours before heading off to Berlin for 10 days.

The past 10 days have felt more than a little fairy-tale like, something that I'm sure will be cured almost immediately upon getting to the airport tomorrow morning. But for now, I'm going to try and enjoy my last few hours of Real Vacation for the forseeable future.

Lots more pics to come, but here's tonight's dinner in the yard: shrimp and bleak roe caviar with hard-boiled eggs and arugula on knackebrod; a surprisingly light reindeer stew with homemade black- and redcurrant gelees, and a lovely salad with peaches and sunflower seeds; homemade blackcurrant sorbet. It's real easy to become real jealous real fast of this house's berry production and the myriad uses thereof.


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