OK, have been awake for 36 hours or so, and not in a fun way.

Came home at 2am last night from an art/currywurst stroll to find my laptop unresponsive and bearing a forged notice from the polizei against a background of the German flag. My machine would do nothing except show me this.

Yes, a virus. Because I downloaded an Abba CD illegally? Some would call this justice. Abba probably would for sure.

Turns out that this was one nasty fucking virus. Let's say I started troubleshooting at 2:30am. I finished this afternoon at 5:45pm. I'm a software guy, and this was some really good software. It saw that I was the Administrator of my machine and, using my privileges, did all of the meanest things possible to me.

I still haven't managed to remove a bitch, but I did get my music off the machine, so we can rehearse tomorrow, unlike today. I celebrated my half-triumph with a beer on the street and some Syrian food.

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