Oh, dear. Excuse me. My tolerance for pampered Americanism is dwindling rapidly. This time it's eGullet that is bringing me down. This bummery moment is a feeling that I have occasionally when I'm browsing the list of active topics and I see something especially offensive, but I can usually just take a peek at the thread and shake my head and move on to less depressing areas of discussion.

Yesterday, however, I made the mistake of actually participating in one of these topics, and I really really wish I hadn't. I eventually became really disgusted and didn't feel seeing that godawful color scheme ever again. And then today I went out there and...did it again. And now I am befouled anew by this blind, petty sense of entitlement that powers so much of The Crybaby Nation, personified by eGullet member #1. Boo, unfortunate. But he's got such good people skills...hard to believe there was ever any friction between him and the rest of the old-timers.

No more computer 'til this semi-nauseated feeling passes. I'll be out in the backyard.


Randi said...

Oh gosh, have you ever met Eg member #1 in real life? He's so different than what you see online!! I think he hides behind the screen. I'm pretty darn sick of the censorship that goes on over there. I've had a few posts deleted. Why do I even bother posting anymore?

MEM said...

hey randi, no...I haven't met him. am I being unfair? although, if you're an asshole online I'm pretty sure you're an asshole somewhere inside as well. am i being an asshole online right now?

anyway, i haven't had any posts deleted without being told that they were going to be deleted.

i guess it's like any "why do i bother" situation...there's a small crowd of people there you connect with and share laughs with and learn from, and the rest you just try not to let it get you down....

MEM said...

that said, if my posts were being deleted on a regular basis, i don't think i could continue bothering.