up in my grill.

Finally. I have my very own copy of Cradle of Flavor in my hot little hands. One of the things I imagined doing when I was here was grilling constantly, and in most of these imaginary cases I was making Indonesian food.

I have been grilling often, and even better, at odd hours. I was grilling andouille sausages yesterday at 6:30am, as the sun rose, which was beautiful in a number of ways, and I would've taken pictures of the event but the camera batteries were dead...


But back to Cradle of Flavor. Here is the eGullet thread wherein ultrageeky people like me cook recipes out of this book and photograph the results. I didn't really have time or energy to pull off anything grand, so my first Cradle of Flavor recipe turns out to be something that this site has seen me make before: Garlic-Marinated Tempeh.

Well, in my previous versions I didn't marinate the tempeh. And....I'm not really sure that marinating it made any difference at all. The recipe specified 15 minutes I think, I did it for 30 minutes, but...next time I'll try a couple hours or so.

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