knives out.

My mother is something else. I've learned to be very careful about what I admire when I visit the Phoenix outpost because my mother is somehow able to constantly hold a Christmas or birthday shopping list in her head at all times, and any item in which you display an unusual amount of interest can be quietly added to this list at any time.

She's really developed a flawless technique for gift-giving, ask anyone who's received a gift from her. When she's at the top of her game, she will present you with things you won't remember having coveted until after you've already thought "now how did she know I've been thinking about that?"

I can't really say that I'm on to her or anything, but this year when I thoughtlessly expressed admiration for her excellent paring knife, I noticed a brief moment of silence from her corner of the kitchen as she mentally jotted this down before telling me about some knives she saw at Marshall's.

One day later, the paring knives with my name on them started showing up. Pictured above is the coolest, easiest to use, and therefore best one so far: something called Colori from Kuhn Rikon. It's avocado-colored, the blade too. Now, the hard part: what to get for the woman who has everything (other than higher blood pressure and a few days off).


Klary Koopmans said...

that IS a cool knife! just remember to NOT put it in your handluggage when you fly back to Amsterdam or some custom's officer will be it's new happy owner.. ;)

MEM said...

See how it works? Now if I were my mom, I'd have just added one of these to your Christmas list too.

Good advice about customs...although last time I came back from Phoenix I brought a kilo of catnip with me, unlabeled, in a see-through plastic bag. It looked EXACTLY like a ridiculous amount of weed, and no one looked at me twice. But I guess you can't hijack a plane with a huge bag of weed. Unless my friends from high school are flying it.

Randi said...

I bought that knife in pink last week at Marshall's in MI. I bought it to take to the church where I cook for the seniors. I'm glad to hear it works well.

MEM said...

Hey Randi! Thanks for stopping by...
It does work well for me, I'm kind of weirdly particular about knives, not out of any expertise or anything, just because I've only ever had one set of knives.

Yeah, I think I may pick up some more of these before I return. Remembering of course not to put them in my carry-on.