be prepared, be very prepared.

This is really a continuation of the previous post, because once a post gets to a certain length, Blogger still isn't an awesome editor for mixing photos and text, kind of odd considering that THAT'S WHAT YOU DO WITH BLOGGER.


All I wanted to add was that, yes, there are good examples of healthy-ish prepared foods as well. This soup from Trader Joe's is simple, tasty, and useful not only as a standalone soup, but as a sauce or flavoring ingredient as well. And its ingredient list is refreshingly straightforward:

OK, well, I think that's about all I can stand to say about this aspect of eating and cooking in America for now...it really makes me a little nauseated and all I want to do now is roll around in a fragrant pile of undressed fresh salad greens until the feeling passes. Maybe I'll go do that.


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