new mexican platter @ dick's hideaway.

My dear mother had a rare weekday off today and wanted to go out for lunch, so we went to Dick's Hideaway (a next-door sibling of Richardson's) for New Mexican lunch from the folks who got me hooked on the stuff from the get-go.

Pork tamale, chile relleno, and chicken burro, all happily nestled under a plush layer of red chile sauce that was not kidding around in the heat department.

So how was it? You know how when you try to revisit a significant restaurant from your distant past, the food almost never lives up to your memory? This was not one of those times...everything on my plate was excellent: moist tamale; lightly coated poblano filled with pork and queso blanco; and most surprisingly, superb beans and rice.

It was about twice as much food as I could eat, so the rest followed me home, American-style. Hopefully I'll be hungry again by tomorrow or Wednesday.

In a nice bit of global synchronicity: in addition to opening Dick's, the Richardson's owners have opened a new place called the Rokerij as a tribute to their time spent in Amsterdam.


Well...how could I not have these leftovers for dinner:


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