Still recovering from The Virus, but miraculously my stomach is interested in food again. So of course my mind turns to the abandoned chile verde burrito from Friday night.

Worth comparing the size and contents of this one to the last chile verde burrito I had in Amsterdam. Note that this one has no vegetables, starches, or accoutrements in it, just pork and chiles:

Bringing it significantly closer to the kind of burrito you might actually find in Mexico. In fact, I'll be photographing a few more burritos this week if I can, for the curious and desperate back in Amsterdam.



beth said...

Oh how I love burritos. Had a egg, turkey, taco bell hot sauce, and jalepeno one for breakfast.

MEM said...

hey beth, thanks for stopping by....we had breakfast-y burritos on our minds as well, especially the chorizo and egg, but somehow no one ended up ordering one. I've still got another full week here so hopefully i'll get some breakfast burrito love before i take off.