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Who needs Twitter? Why can't I just make 5,000 tiny blog posts per day? It's not like they cost anything.

We watched Michael Moore's Sicko last night, very timely as Dad and I had engaged an a protracted, civilized discussion on many worldly matters during our traffic-slowed trip home from El Nopalito last night. We figured it all out, by the way...yep, the entire Future of the World. Solved by two guys with a truck full of tacos.

Is it worth watching? If you need to feel more desperate about life in America or mo' betta about living in Europe or anywhere else with some kind of socialized medicine, yes. Or if those last two words I just used, socialized medicine, made you want to run out to the shed and git your rifle, then, yes, there's something for you to learn in this movie. Otherwise, not too many surprises there, and Mr. Moore's schtick is kinda getting old. More, tighter editing, less sappy, pseudo-manipulative music, Mikey.

Most interesting moments: an American expat in France pointed out that the French government actually fears its voters, whereas in America it's the opposite, emphasizing that it's harder to "govern" (or exploit) outspoken people who aren't afraid of you; and I desperately need a copy of the Ronald Reagan LP in which he warns against the dangers of socialized medicine leading to communism.

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