chili, summer weather.

One of Dad's R & D guys made this batch of chili seasoning for him last year, and tonight it was deployed in some serious quantities as the Big Boss cooked up a batch of red.

Tonight we were supposed to be dining at Zinc Bistro (eGullet thread here), but half of the family (the half with young children) has contracted some form of Abdominal Death Virus and they are all sequestered across town in what sounds like a House of Horrors. Dad and Pitty each spent half the day over there mopping up after everyone, and as a result dinner has been relocated to Casa Here, and is consisting of chili and green chile cornbread. Yay!


Dad and I spent the day driving around in the summery winter hotness punctuated by occasional stops at incredibly expensive grocery stores where we didn't buy much of anything. I swear you couldn't find prices like these in Amsterdam if your life depended on it.


And then we watched the most unpleasant movie I've seen in a long time, 28 Weeks Later. Unpleasant not because of its relentless and nonsensical videogame gore, but because it didn't make us care about any single element of the nonsensical story before it turned into a videogame. So it was like watching someone else play a nonsensical videogame for 80 minutes...you just kept thinking, "When's my turn?" Boo. Avoid.

Tomorrow, though, even though every single plan we've made for the weekend has fallen through so far, we've made plans to go see the new Coen Brothers movie, mmm, called....No Country for Old Men, maybe? And retry Zinc Bistro. Sounds like a Can't Miss afternoon of entertainment, don't it?


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