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So, as if I needed a bracing reminder of the differences between Phoenix and Amsterdam, the phone rang at 4pm on my second afternoon back in town to remind me that the Acid Mothers Temple/Circle show was tonight (last night). Not only were these two bands that I've spent a lot of time listening to and never seen before due primarily to their distant origins (Japan and Finland, respectively), but they were playing at the Stubnitz, a huge retired fishing boat that sails all over Europe as a mobile performance space and medialab. And they were playing together, on the same night.

Getting to Stubnitz requires a bike ride to Central Station, then a ferry ride to the north docklands, then a bike ride to the ship, but it all takes less than 30 minutes if you time it right.

The food-related item here is that I smoked herb for the first time. Not herb herb, but an actual herb, sage. And not sage as in Simon & Garfunkel, but salvia divinorum, or Diviner's sage. You can check the Wikipedia link for the technico-historical background, but as for my review? The version provided last night was very mild, subtle, and all-around pleasant. The taste revealed and/or reminded of sage's relationship to the mint family, cool and refreshing.

The downside: I got home close to 4am, spent the next hour delivering the Best Backrub in Recorded History, and then was awake until 7am, thereby undoing whatever jet lag minimization I had heretofore accomplished. But it was a good show, Circle really kicked ass, and it was good to reconnect with non-vacation life already in progress.

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