in america.

I've been here about 12 hours, and I'm marveling at my ability to marvel anew every time I come back here: at the size of everything (big), the cost of everything (very different), the weather (sunny and 25C), the incredibly comfortable furniture, and the sheer breadth of consumer choice that is present in every conceivable niche of retail goods.

I'm still at the point in my acclimation where I just shuffle around like a bobbleheaded doofus soaking up the feeling of simultaneous sensory overload and absolute easyness, punctuated by bouts of feeling like a totally retarded alien, for example when I don't know how to check out at the grocery store anymore (they bag your groceries for you and take everything out of your cart for you), or buying something with a credit card (I guess you sign digitally these days) etc. etc. etc.

I had a very nostalgic salad last night with poppyseed dressing, which I'll talk about in detail the next time I have one, probably in about 5 hours. I also had a baby back rib or two from the outdoor grill (tasty), and a chicken wing from Costco (less tasty). In fact, the Costco wings were pretty gross, flavor-wise...some kind of black pepper concept that tasted like a Scratch and Sniff book.

In general, lots of food plans 'n' shit coming up, still trying to work out the camera situation, both of our cameras died in some sort of unexpected murder/suicide deal last weekend...luckily there are unused digital cameras just lying around the house here, so I should be back to photo-ing pretty soon.


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