I fucked up my orange poundcake recipe, it's fixed now.

Klary has a brief but true-ringing post about the in-between time we're in right now, these emptyish days between Xmas and the new year.

Click Opera had a post that touched on Harold Pinter's death and linked to this clip that I have now linked to here, showing a young Ian Holm making me want to watch the rest of this movie.

Speaking of watching movies, that's one thing we are doing here in our in-between days. We saw Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire last night because the reviews were so universally positive. The VDuck capsule review is somewhat less positive, something like: unexpected and difficult-to-execute storyline initially succeeds due to startling visuals and affecting child actors, but is ultimately let down by the inevitable predictability of said storyline (there's pretty much only one way it can end) and a gradual de-emphasis of the more "Indian" elements of the story. We give it a 73.

Today (after lunch at Richardson's) we may go see Milk. We've also rented Persepolis and The Counterfeiters, and yesterday we watched Burn After Reading, which easily outperformed my very low expectations.

OK, must go try and get some exercise.


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