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Oi, mates. Just had me a day of travel that reminds me why my dear parents never come and visit me...it's hell on one's ass. 24 hours from start to finish it was, and my ass can tell you about every one of those hours (insert joke here about my ass's speaking voice).

Many of those hours were spent sampling or in some cases actually watching movies, the one tiny perk of international travel on Delta Air Lines these days. Allow me to provide some capsule reviews for you:

The Dark Knight: Better than the first time I saw it (probably due to more realistic expectations), but Christian Bale's voice is still ridiculous and the last half hour is an embarrassingly unwatchable mess.

Pineapple Express: Basically the same as every other Apatow movie with Seth Rogan, plus violence and physical comedy, which is not the awesomest recipe. Some pretty funny bits, though.

Tropic Thunder: The most entertaining movie I watched on my flights, largely due to Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of an Australian method actor playing a black soldier. Not exactly funny, but fucked up enough to be watchable.

Wanted: Bull. Shit. Isn't Angelina Jolie too skinny these days? And Morgan Freeman should take a break for a while. Or cut his hair. Or play a white dude. Something.

The Hulk: Surprisingly affecting. I found myself identifying with the whole "Days Without Incident" thing.

Mamma Mia: I wanted to watch some of it because it seems like such an awful idea for a movie, but couldn't bear the thought of other passengers looking over at me and seeing it on my screen. I know, grow some balls.

Henry Poole is Here: Poor Luke Wilson.

Baby Mama: Infantile, and that's not even a pun.

Hellboy II: Liked the first one, could not give two shits about the plot for this one, no matter how hard I tried. I only gave it 15 minutes though.

Get Smart: I turned this on because of Steve Carell, and because I used to watch Get Smart when I was little. But I didn't even make it to the point where Anne Hathaway showed up to ruin my memories of 99, so that's good I guess.

Hancock: Jason Bateman is a funny dude, and this is one of the smarter superhero movies I've seen, but I'm kind of done with Will Smith. We need some new mainstream black actors, pronto.


And there you have it! And it only took me 12 hours to watch 11 movies.

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