wii the people.

Holy shit, I can barely move after my first afternoon/evening of Wii. And, I'm trying to think of ways I could possibly keep playing...you know, what other limbs might I be able to use instead of my now-useless arms. That's the sign of a good game I think. 

I'm pretty sure baseball was the culprit. The upside is that I can now bat and throw left-handed without looking too much like a you-know-what. Is it Insensitivity Week here or something? I've been downright boorish of late. Actually, I kind of wish it was Insensitivity Week at the moment...

Maybe the best part of Wii so far is Mii, the part where you get to make the characters that you'll use when you're playing games. And of course you make ones that look like everyone you know, cause it's funny. And when you play something like baseball, they all show up on your team...etc. etc. etc.  Here's Mara playing the vibraphone in Wii Music. 

Geek. Should I mention that the Wii is not for me, but for the twins? At least that's what my Dad is telling my Mom. 

Oh yeah: here are some grilled lamb chops. 


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