oh i'm very interesting.

When he's not reverse-engineering Japanese soup, our tag-team cooking partner occasionally has time to think about other parts of the globe.


Jesus, I had my first Top Chef dream last night. No, Padma wasn't involved. And I don't know exactly what the challenge was. But listen to what I was making: pasta with chicken, a basic cheese pizza, and unadorned broccoli. Thus committing at least 14 simultaneous violations of the Smart Things To Do On Top Chef code.

And of course, nothing worked (yeah, one of those dreams): I only had enough pasta for like 4 of the 10 servings I was supposed to plate; my broccoli was that terrible greenish-gray overcooked color, and my pizza was as greasy and artificial-looking as Pizza Hut. Meanwhile, everyone else was making Dungeness crab gelée and emulsified swan feet. 

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