modern love.

Some observations and thanksgivings:

1) Letting someone else take pictures with your camera is like letting someone else play your guitar. It becomes painfully obvious that if you are plagued by technical shortcomings, your instrument is not the problem: you are the problem.

This of course has never happened to me on guitar, don't be silly, but Klary smoked my ass with my own camera last night (hurray for idiomatic speech!)...these photos are hers. Thanks Klary! And sorry again for forgetting about the sake.

2) Cooking a stock for 8 hours from butcher's bones does not always result in a more "authentic" stock...perhaps a bouillon cube would've sufficed. Then again, what did it really cost me? Four euros. And actually it wasn't even my money. Thanks Andy!

UPDATE: OK, I had a cup of this broth for lunch today, and it's definitely a league or two beyond bouillon. "Like pork tea" someone said, and it is.

3) If, two hours before dinner, your dessert is a massive, gross failure, it's perfectly OK to run to the store and get the ingredients to hack together the replacement which you probably should've been serving in the first place. Thanks, sceem! Nice save. Unfortch I don't have any great pictures of The Emergency Dessert, so you'll just have to imagine it: green tea ice cream with homemade coconut sugar cookies....highly chompable. Did I already say "Thanks, sceem"?

4) And Happy Birthday to my dear mother, who turns 40 years old today. XOXOXO! Thanks Pitts.

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