in the new year.

And so we wake to our second hangover-free New Year's Day in a row. What's our secret?

Be in bed before midnight. Flying from Phoenix to Amsterdam on New Year's Eve had another important selling point: a half-crowded plane, which meant that I could participate in that most potent of transatlantic flight survival strategies: laying down.

And while I nodded in and out of consciousness for 16 hours or so, Amsterdam was preparing for my arrival by freezing solid. Actually, I guess it had been this cold for several days before I was anywhere near an airport, but whatever: it's nice to see Amsterdammers on skates once again.


My "vacation" wasn't as much of a vacation as last year's visit, but of course it was half as long. The brevity meant that we found ourselves cramming things in at the last minute: deep and overdue conversations, nearly-overdue rented movies, and of course a visit to my Southwestern food mecca (this is my blue corn enchilada in red and green chile with smoked turkey and grilled mushrooms, great):

...some last minute-burgers on the grill...

...and some of the local beer oddities.

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