fetishize me.

Interesting gig last night. People who should've liked it didn't; people who shouldn't have, did. One critic suggested we were fetishizing our equipment (!), but it was really nothing more than our campfire formation, shown above.


Mara was in a bit of a cooking frenzy while I was in the states. Me being, well, in the states, I didn't get to taste too much of her work, but she made at least two wonderful things that I did get to taste:

One of them is a vegetarian Reuben that is fan-fucking-tastic. This is heresy, I know, but you really do not need the meat as long as you've got her Thousand Island dressing, the recipe for which is coming up soon. And yes, I just said Thousand Island dressing, blow me.

The other thing she made that I got to taste was white chocolate and coconut truffles, pictured below. Even better than Raffaello...but without the crunchy wafer.



Michael Natkin said...

So you have a campfire fetish? Can you make s'mores on your amps?

MEM said...

Hey Michael,

Funny you should ask: you can't see them in this photo b/c of the angle, but stuffed into the back of my amp is: a seafood hobo pack with jerked shrimp, clams, and mussels; a whole head of vadouvan-spiced cauliflower; and some cinnamony peaches to go over vanilla ice-cream afterwards.

During our set, the smell was incredible (and how often can you say that?)!