small fry.

It may look like we're resorting to desperate (and non-vegetarian) measures in order to survive Vegetarian Month, but these were, eh...just a side dish? But really, moments of weakness aside, fried food just sounds right at the moment. Tonight's adventure may be a chicken-fried steak portobello mushroom (for more on this hallowed subject, check out Homesick Texan talking about chicken-fried steak).


To answer Agent Double K's question in more detail: by and large, Vegetarian Month is going well. I would say that we're not feeling deprived or craving anyone's flesh. We're definitely spending less money on groceries. We're regularly understanding that we're Doing Something Good in that no one dead showed up in our apartment for dinner, and that's a mood-lifter. Or if it's not a mood-lifter, at least we're not having that "sorry, little piggy" moment that we frequently have when meat is involved.



Klary Koopmans said...

yes, what's it like? are you craving meat? do you feel healthy/virtuous/morally superior? more details on the going vegetarian please!

MEM said...

Meat? What's meat? Meat who?

I would have to say no, no meat cravings. I have had extremely powerful cravings for a website- development-free existence, but I've been having those for years.

Oh, but seriously: I'll write about my/our "going vegetarian" experience in my next post.